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Chéché’s love for design and accessories started as a hobby in the early 2000’s and evolved to a passion.

This passion has been infused with African roots and her European upbringing…

She cleverly uses beads, wood, glass, fabrics, semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals and metals makes it possible to design unique designs for the unique woman and man too!

To ensure all needs are catered to. Chéché implies the use of African fabrics, beads infused with western materials to create that classy yet futuristic detail in all her unique pieces.


Chéché believes that her brand is more of a lifestyle than a product.

The name Chéché Couture was derived from her childhood nickname, which prior to abbreviated is her Kenyan traditional name. The couture pieces I create have a story behind them inspired by my travels, roots, surroundings and my clients who also have an untold story behind them. Each different and unique. I design pieces that accentuate the female body.


+1 403 463 6069 (CANADA)